The Welding-Fitting is a cost-efficient alternative for the dimensions 40 mm to 75 mm. For the first time fusion-welding of Multilayer pipe is possible with this connection technology. Compared to the Metal-Press-Fitting the Welding fitting with it's low weight has cost-saving attributes.

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Fitting design

The Welding-Fitting of MULTITUBO Systems is made of Polyethylene with raised temperature resistance, the same as the pipes inner- and outer layer. So the materials can perfectly bond each other around the aluminium layer.

A homogenous, hermetic connection is done by the welding. No additional sealing-elements are required.

The patented MULTIWELD technology shows its advantages with a sophisticated connection-geometry. This geometry secures the right flow of material, so the pipe is always placed in a optimal position of the connection. We use the long-lasting WULTIWELD experience of developing welding-connections.

The Adapter-system

With the adapter solution each possible reduction can easily be done on site. The referring adapter just needs to be welded to the fitting, similar like welding the pipe to the fitting. Then just go ahead with the relevant dimension. So much flexibility increases the efficiency of daily work.

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