Similar to the PPSU-Press-Fitting the PPSU-Push-Fitting offers the possibility to work more cost-efficient on the most used fittings. By using the MULTITUBO system Push-Fittings small repairs can be done with little effort and projects can be realized within shortest time.

Fitting design:

The transparent plastic-sleeve is fixed to the PPSU-fitting-body and protects the O-rings of being damaged.

The „largest inspection window in the world“ – the transparent sleeve – enables an easy check of the right insertion depth of the pipe.

Fixing method: The Grip-ring that encloses the fitting body, allows an easy insertion of the pipe into the fitting, but grips deep into the pipe when a pull-out force or pressure occurs and keeps it tight in the connection.

Additional Protection of the O-rings is secured by the Protector-ring which is placed on the fitting inlets. It prevents the insertion of the pipe when not correctly prepared and thus a damage of the O-Rings.

A special advantage for the daily work is the slim design of the fitting. The plastic sleeve is not hindering the easy isolation work after the installation is done.

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